EZ Raft DWC Steel Frames

The EZRaft™ is an inexpensive quick build framing system for deep water culture beds, rafts, fish or sump tanks, and media grow beds. The frame is made from galvanized steel with easy to use fittings. Straight, pre-cut steel tubing is bolted into various fittings. Once the frame is complete, simply install the liner with the provided clamps and you are ready. 

They are available in a a variety of widths from 4 -16ft with a nominal depth of 1 foot. All fames are a nominal width as they are slightly wider to accommodate full raft width.  

Steel vs. Wood Raft Beds

  • Galvanized steel last longer and will not rot like wood
  • Steel frames will not become infested with termites, ants or other insects
  • No need to paint
  • No sawing or power tools required
  • Much lower labor cost
  • Faster construction
  • Low skill set required for construction
  • Fittings insure square, neat builds
  • Can be relocated easily
  • Take up less room for storage


  • Pre-cut steel
  • Corner and joiner fittings
  • Liner Clamps
  • Instructions on how to assemble
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